Win a Prize for Guessing

Firefighters from Station 69 help hang the holiday lights on the pine tree in the Village Green.

Guess the Time for Tree Lighting

Annually, the Village Green board strings holiday lights on a single tree in the nonprofit’s pocket park that is bounded by Sunset Boulevard, Swarthmore and Antioch.

Once a little tree, the “Charlie Brown” pine has grown and grown since it was planted in 1973. It is now so tall and bushy, firefighters from Station 69 help put up the lights.

On November 7, the hook and ladder was at the Village Green and lights were lowered onto the tree (no staples were used, which would hurt the tree).

In past years, the lights were turned on at the start of the Chamber’s Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho! event, when Santa and Mrs. Claus came by the Green atop the fire truck.

This year, Ho!Ho!Ho! will be replaced by a stroll through the Palisades and people can make an appointment to see Santa at Caruso’s Palisades Village.

So, when will the holiday lights go on at the Village Green? The board has selected the date, and a contest is being held for people to guess the day and time that “Charlie Brown” will be lit. The person with the closest guess will win a prize, generously donated by Vintage Grocers.

Guesses (day and time) can be sent to

The pine tree grew from a sapling when the Village Green was first founded in 1973.

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3 Responses to Win a Prize for Guessing

  1. Marge Gold says:

    Hey Sue,

    Thanks for announcing our contest. One correction….. An unnamed person who is not a Village Green board member, will be turning on the lights on our “Charlie Brown” tree. That time will not be known to us until after it has happened. Guess away community. And just one entry per person, please.

  2. Jackie Berman says:

    Village Green Lighting – Day and hour:

    November 16 at 5:30pm

  3. Marge Gold says:


    The only way to have your guess entered is to send it to

    Good luck!!

    The Palisades Village Green Committee

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