VIEWPOINT: CTN Does Not Back Down on Statement about HAMAS

Shoes that belonged to people deported to Auschwitz for extermination

As a musing on April 5, CTN wrote that the U.S. Government had a short memory.

“President Biden has come out harshly against Israel after a missile strike on April 1 killed seven aid workers in Gaza. The Israeli government took responsibility and suspended two officers.

“Does Biden remember the August 2021 U.S. Hellfire missile that struck a car at a family home in Kabul that killed 10 civilians, including seven children? Supposedly, the father had just come home from work and the kids ran out to see him. All killed. It took a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from the New York Times to get the U.S. to admit the mistake five months later.”

A reader wrote: “Was it necessary to use the World Central Kitchen volunteers as a political football to vent about whatever beef you have with Joe Biden? These brave souls were doing God’s work; feeding defenseless souls who are on the verge of famine. Might not be a bad idea to show a little respect for those who perished or just say nothing.”

Any innocent death is a tragedy. CTN was addressing the hypocrisy in the U.S.’s response.

This editor feels that Israel is a valuable ally and that there is still an enormous amount of antisemitism that exists in this world. This weekend, Santa Monica was covered in antisemitic graffiti that included swastikas in different areas, including on buildings, sidewalks, road and street signs.

“We are appalled by these cowardly acts of anti-Semitism,” said Ramon Batista, the Santa Monica Police Chief. “Our department is fully committed to upholding the safety and dignity of all members of our community.”

There were a record number of anti-Semitic incidents in Los Angeles, and across California in 2023.

Last year, the Ronald Reagan library hosted an exhibit “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.”

About the exhibit this editor wrote: The suitcases that people had packed for a trip supposedly for a better life are on display. One learns that upon arrival at Auschwitz, people were assigned to one of two lines. They were asked their age, occupation and health. Children and old people, pregnant women and people with disabilities were sent straight to the gas chambers.

They were told to take off all their clothes and then herded to be killed.

The gas started at floor level and as it started to rise, the healthier tried to climb atop the others to survive.

One tiny “bubble” window allowed guards to see the process. When those inside tried to break it to escape and a wire was put over the window.

When the door was finally opened, the corpses spilled out of that door.

How could civilized societies allow it? Why did so many stay silent?

More than six million Jews were killed, and two thirds of European Jews disappeared forever during World War II.

Chart by Franciszek Piper for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

The HAMAS Charter in its preamble writes: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

What more do you need to know to defend Israel?

This editor is tired of pretend diversity and inclusion, which largely means you have to agree with whoever is laying down the rules or whomever has the loudest voice.

Senator Chuck Schumer
Photo: Perisha Gates
Credit: U.S. Senate

In a March 14 statement Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said there should be major plan to revive two-state solution and calling for the Israeli government to hold new elections after the threat of Hamas is radically reduced, criticizing the Israeli government under Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Less than a month later, on April 7, the six-month anniversary of the Hamas attack on Israel, Schumer wrote: “Hamas has already been given a negotiated deal. Today, there is only one obstacle standing in the way of a hostage deal, and that obstacle is Hamas. They should say yes and free the remaining hostages.”

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8 Responses to VIEWPOINT: CTN Does Not Back Down on Statement about HAMAS

  1. John Schwartz says:

    Good for you, Sue!
    Warmest regards and respect!

  2. Betsy Handler says:

    I am Jewish, and believe Israel has a right to defend herself. However, the indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza Strip and the killing of some 38,000 people – many women and children – is appalling and shameful. Criticism of Israel is not always antisemitism, and it’s a cheap shot to raise the specter of Auschwitz’ in a discussion of Gaza. Sadly, there is and has been since 1948, much blood on both Israeli and Palestinian hands.

  3. Linda Friar says:

    I agree with CTN. Why aren’t the international demands focused on Hamas and the need for them to return the hostages and surrender?

  4. Dana Dalton says:

    Peace is not absence of conflict,
    it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.
    Ronald Reagan once said – boy, he was so right
    Where is his type of leadership now?
    The world needs someone like him desperately now!.

  5. Michael says:

    My grandmothers were jewish and while I did not go to the Reagan exhibit, I have been to the Dachau Concentration Camp. I don’t need to go back. Once was enough and I’m well aware of what has happened to the Jewish people. However, while you may have been musing, throwing in the tragedy of World Central Kitchen seemed like a cheap shot.

  6. Louise Greene says:

    Thank you for your brave and rational comments.

  7. Deborah Ashodian Moore says:

    Thank you so much for defending Israel

  8. K.C. Soll says:

    Keeping this CTN opinion stance.

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