Phase I Begins for the Controversial Topanga Lagoon Restoration Project

Topanga Lagoon

Topanga State Park General Plan in 2012
Photo: California State Parks

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2 Responses to Topanga Lagoon

  1. Mike says:

    This idea (or a similar one years ago where they wanted to build a trial from upper Topanga all the way to the beach) should not be allowed unless the agency can find homes equal to in location and costs to what displaced businesses have now.
    These businesses have been in their location form many years and have a following, myself included. They are conveniently located to our area, and the Reel Inn especially provides an excellent meal at a very reasonable price. It is not fair at all to the business owners to have the huge expense of finding a new location, and moving.

  2. Jerry Spencer says:

    Absolutely take into consideration the Feed Bin. It is historically an emblem of the relaxed, country style living in the area. Surely there is room for it AND for the Reel Inn. It is also a community favorite that can be part of the new plan. Just do it. There is no restaurant anywhere around the west side, and probably anywhere else in Los Angeles that has the same layout and ambiance of the Reel Inn.
    I believe in appropriate building for the future but not at the cost of losing our still viable vestiges of the past.
    Thank you
    Jerry Spencer

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