And if You Can’t Sleep. . .

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What does Monopoly have to do with talent?

Focusing on One’s Talents

A lot of people have been given specific talents. Some are great athletes, such as the men on the French and Croatia World Cup soccer teams or LeBron James or Steve Kerr who grew up In Pacific Palisades. Others are truly smart such Charles Krauthammer or are great writers such as J.K. Rowling or Camilla Lackberg.

So, when you discover your talent (and everyone has one), you should foster and appreciate it.

My talent has always been to be a great sleeper, not a napper, mind you, but a sleeper.

When I was placed in a bed between two younger sisters, who always kicked off the covers, I discovered in my sleep, of course, if I tucked the blankets under my chin, I never had to wake up to pull them back on.

I discovered in college that I could sleep through fire alarms, parties and my roommate and her boyfriend having “fun.” I sleep through snoring (the dogs, not my husband).

With three children and my talent was tested.

When children are babies, you have to wake constantly to feed them. Then they get sick (nothing like three small children taking turns vomiting) and you’re up changing bedding into the wee hours. Then it’s a calmer period and as long as you allow the television to go on at 6 a.m. (for “Barney”) you can sleep an hour later.

But children turn to teenagers and rest, once again, becomes problematic. Curfews, cars and prayers turn those few years into thinking you may never sleep again.

Finally, my children have turned into young adults and it was time to reclaim my natural talent. This past year, I planned to spend the rest of my life doing what I do best—sleeping.

But then my job situation became upsetting and an adult child had an issue and even the Supreme Court was unsettling. The result were neurons zapping through my brain, unfettered.

I woke up two nights ago at 3 a.m. with all sort of thoughts buzzing around—and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I like many of the great athletes, authors, magicians had to consider whether my greatest days were behind me. Was it time to retire?

As I considered sleep, I started wondering. Are there statistics for the Monopoly game? Is there one property on the board that you should always purchase, or try to purchase, besides Park Place and Boardwalk? We all know railroads, including Short Line, Reading, B & O, Amtrak, Pennsylvania, whatever, are not good holding investments, but are the orange properties better than the green ones? If I have a choice between yellow and green, which do I buy? Somewhere between musing about the one essential property that would be the key to winning Monopoly, I fell asleep.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether I’ve regained my God-given talent of sleep, but I do wonder if anyone has an answer to the Monopoly question.

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